E-Learning Concepts, LLC

At E-learning concepts LLC, we are committed to ensuring that dealers get the highest quality training in the state of Georgia. We are comprised of Georgia Licensed Auto Dealers (Instructors and Advisors) - Professional Educators - and expert E-Learning web developers. In today's world, there is no reason at all to have to attend an all day seminar for your continuing education class requirements when the technology is so advanced and training is much more meaningful by completing it on your own time at your own pace- on your schedule!

As the state of Georgia requires, you still will need to enroll in an in-class seminar if you are a new dealer applying for the first time for your license and attend your selected pre-licensing course at one of our convenient locations. This course is taught by seasoned professionals in the automobile industry the deal with the ever changing industry on a daily basis.


What is E-Learning?

E-Learning is the use of digital technology to distribute and enhance learning and training. This use of technology has become so important in today's world that high schools, colleges, government organizations, nonprofit institutions, and businesses both large and small use e-learning to educate, train, inform.

Many people think of e-learning as traditional academic courses delivered over the internet. While this is certainly true, e-learning encompasses much more. Anyone who has taken driver's training online, used computer-based tech support for a PC, watched educational videos on television, listened to a podcast, or read a professional blog, has reaped the benefits of an e-learning product. Nearly all industries today use e-learning to further professional goals.

E-Learning gives you the opportunity to take your professional experience and unique industry knowledge and apply it in a new direction, while gaining proficiency with cutting edge technology.